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Total Company Scan helps SME entrepreneurs analyse their own business

Based on science and practice

Many SME entrepreneurs feel the need to analyse their company at some point. How do things stand? What are the next steps? What could be better, or more creative? And where are the opportunities? However, there is often no budget for an expensive advisor or consultant. From now on, that will no longer be necessary, because the new Total Company Scan enables SME entrepreneurs to gain simple and effective insight into their business operations via PC or tablet, and to take immediate action to implement improvements in their company.

The Total Company Scan consists of 182 validated questions, drawn up on the basis of in-depth literature research into the success and failure factors in the SME sector. This independent and scientifically based business scan was developed over a period of three years, in collaboration with a team from the University of Amsterdam. The outcome is a directly downloadable research report, which enables the entrepreneur to get to work in a structured way with points for improvement and attention, tips and website links and clear advice.

Answers to questions from practice

The Total Company Scan has been developed as a professional tool that answers the everyday questions entrepreneurs have. Every entrepreneur can thus become his or her own consultant and discuss the results with a team of colleagues and/or the accountant. In this way, a plan of approach can be made that leads to more turnover and profit, or to a reorientation towards new markets or products.

The Total Company Scan is independent: all website links, tips and points for improvement have been chosen with a non-commercial eye. Because of the interaction between science and practice, the Total Company Scan offers a credible and accessible platform for entrepreneurs looking for new insights and results.

Particularly relevant after corona

According to one of the initiators of the Total Company Scan, Martijn Botermans, this innovative tool has become available at exactly the right moment. Botermans: "Many SME entrepreneurs are still struggling with the aftermath of the corona period. They are struggling financially and the support from the government is decreasing. Some are getting into trouble. Especially now, many can use low-threshold support, because they want or need to reorient themselves, explore new markets or test a vision of the future. This business scan is an excellent tool for that."

The questions and advice of the Total Company Scan were compiled in collaboration with Dr. Bram Kuijken of the University of Amsterdam, who holds a PhD in Innovative Marketing and specialises in entrepreneurship, innovation and start-ups. For the translation of science into practice, Gyuri Vergouw MSc MMC, author of various bestsellers in the field of management, was consulted.

Do you have any questions or would you like an explanation of this report? Please feel free to contact:

Total Company Scan of 0627062779



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