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Bedrijfsscan laten maken

Especially for Coaches & Advisors

Advise your clients better with Total Company Scan

If you use the Total Company Scan for your clients, you will have a handy tool in your hands with which you can advise and/or guide your client better.

The results of the scan form a practical guideline for a coaching or advisory conversation. The carefully composed multiple-choice questions and the validated answers form a structured basis for the conversation with your client. The handy summary with graphic overviews such as a 'spider web' with basic standards and bar charts where clear colours of red, yellow and green highlight the most important points of attention for you and your client at a glance.

Experience has shown that coaches and advisers are frequent users of the Total Company Scan. For this group of intermediaries* we have a special discount code available.

You can simply e-mail the discount code to your client and, using the same code, you can follow the client yourself and view and/or print the reports. How handy is that!

Would you like to qualify for this discount code? Then send an e-mail with your name, company name and telephone number to We will then contact you.

Bedrijfsscan laten maken

By intermediaries* we mean:

  • Business and entrepreneurial coaches

  • Customer managers of municipalities, UWV and Werkbedrijven

  • Chamber of Commerce

  • Financial service providers and investors

  • Administration offices, Bookkeepers and Accountants

  • Banks, Lenders and AOV insurers

Entrepreneur coach

You are an entrepreneur coach; a (starting) entrepreneur has made the scan on his own initiative and is looking for support to get started with the advice. For this, the entrepreneur is looking for an entrepreneur coach who can guide him in this.  That entrepreneurial coach could be you.

The Total Company Scan provides the tool and no guidance.

Business coach

You are a business coach; your client has made the scan at your request and with the special discount code. These entrepreneurs from your caseload have been helped by the overview and valuable practical advice the tool offers. Trajectories and coaching conversations thus become more effective and give you as a business coach useful indicators in your coaching and advisory conversations.


You are an intermediary in the financial sector; you get a total overview of your client's situation and gain more insight into where you can improve financially. The tool gives you a professional guide for a conversation in which all elements for healthy business management are discussed.

Customer manager

You are a customer manager at the UWV or municipality; with the scan, you receive objective information on business operations and areas of attention in success and failure factors before a customer meeting. It helps you in questioning or coordinating when establishing a trajectory. The client can use the scan The scan results and advice are directly applicable, allowing the client to implement improvements independently.

HRM manager or director

You are an HRM manager or Director of a company; you let your team take the scan and see how your staff think about the company. A great tool to engage in conversation and come up with a strategy and plan on how to improve your company's performance; on multiple fronts!

Get to work

With a clear and handy overview of how your customer scores on 8 Main Categories of their business.

Discount code

Would you like to qualify for a discount code?

Total Company Scan

Send an e-mail with your name, company name and phone number to We will then contact you.

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