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Your Total Company Scan

Evidence from practice and science

Clear conclusions with strong practical advice

The Total Company Scan gives you the opportunity to discover where your strengths and weaknesses lie as an entrepreneur. Scores in core areas give you a quick overview of action points that you can focus on. Powerful advice per sub-topic will help you improve your business operations. The Total Company Scan is based on scientific research into the success and failure factors in small and medium-sized enterprises.

Based on evidence from practice and science, the scan shows which aspects need improvement and where there is work to be done for you. Where can you save money, where can you work more efficiently, how do you get in touch with the right people? The advice is concise and directly applicable in practice. The advice is supported by a clear indicator meter that immediately indicates the score in red, orange or green. This immediately indicates the degree of urgency and the weighted advice.


They are aimed at the busy entrepreneur who wants to get to the heart of the matter and take action quickly. The scan is personalized, the result of the scan is based on your answers. The test results and the accompanying report are therefore unique and applicable to your personal and business situation.


It is very important for entrepreneurs that the questions, scores and advice are sound and reliable. The questions from the scan are based on an extensive literature study. Success and failure factors for SMEs have been determined on the basis of this study.

The main categories are based on the day-to-day practical situation of an entrepreneur and all aspects of business operations. The Total Company Scan combines entrepreneurial experience and science


The laws that characterize successful entrepreneurs have been scientifically established. The Total Company Scan is therefore a valid test. That is why we can state that the current scan is the only scientifically substantiated Online Business Scan. In compiling the questions and the advice of the Total Company Scan, Dr. Bram Kuijken from the University of Amsterdam with a PhD in Innovative Marketing and specialized in entrepreneurship, innovation and startups. For the translation from science to practice, we collaborated with Gyuri Vergouw MSc MMC, who has been active for more than thirty years as an advisor and coach to entrepreneurs and author of various best-selling books in the management field.


The 8 main categories offer the entrepreneur the opportunity to actively search for suitable improvements in his or her business operations. As a result, the Total Company Scan is not only a scan, it also offers the possibility of self-reflection.


The scan provides insight into your business operations and offers numerous advice and points for improvement to improve your business operations.

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The Total Company Scan is an accessible and applicable management document 

Total Company Scan

With this priority scan you are your own consultant. You get started with clear advice


We understand that entrepreneurs place great value on spending their time effectively and also saving where possible. To support entrepreneurs in this, we have made an affordable business scan from the entrepreneur's perspective.

With the help of scientific research we have determined success and failure factors that we use to analyze your company. In just 30 minutes you can answer our questions, right from your computer, tablet or mobile phone.

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