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Break through routine, recognize opportunities and lead your company to better results!

Order our updated company scan now

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€ 145,-

Do the test in ± 35 minutes

Let your organization grow

Discover growth potential

Curious about what is holding back the development of your organization?

As an entrepreneur you understand the value of effective and efficient business operations. Sometimes, however, blind spots can hold you back, leaving your organization stuck in a routine that hinders growth and development.


With the Total Company Scan you gain insight and advice into your business processes and the associated bottlenecks. It helps you as a busy entrepreneur to quickly get to the core, create the right focus, prioritize and convert insight into action. It gives you objective, scientifically based advice without judgement.


The Total Company Scan brings growth, insight and success together. 


From routine to dynamic organization with focus on the right business units 

Complete the scan in ± 20 minutes 

Receive your personal report 

Gain insight, inspiration and focus 

You hold the key to determining the course of your organization. Avoid disappointment due to wrong focus and subjective advice. New insights and clear advice are waiting for you. Are you ready to change the future of your organization? 

Do you feel the frustration of standing still while your organization should be growing?

We understand and are here to help. Discover how Total Company Scan can lead you to new insights and targeted growth.

New perspective on growth 

You long for an organization that continues to develop and grow. We understand that ambition.


Our mission is to give you insight into your current business operations, offer you new insights and thus transform your organization. This allows you to get the most out of your company.

Your guide and partner

Total Company Scan is at your side. We understand that you need insight and advice without judgement.


Our goal is to help you quickly get to the core, set priorities and convert insights into concrete actions.

Unmasking blind spots

Have you ever looked at your organization in frustration and wondered why it isn't achieving the results you want? Both internal challenges and external pressures can hinder your growth.


Those blind spots can be hard to see, but we'll help you unmask them.

Scientifically proven

Our approach is based on in-depth research within small and medium-sized businesses. Your successful future is not a coincidence, it is a conscious choice.

With our GDPR-proof, manageable and immediately applicable methodology, you are able to walk the road to success. 

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Alex Goûtier


Martijn Botermans

Martijn Botermans


''We understand that as an entrepreneur you face various challenges. Our scan offers you valuable insights to make strategic decisions and seize opportunities.”


Karin Looijesteijn I Meester in Bloemen

'The scan asks clear, concrete questions about 8 topics that you may encounter as an entrepreneur. For me as a small business, the report gives me a clear overview of where I need to improve or focus my attention.

 You get all the tips & tricks by means of, among other things, Website links that are available to read or act upon. The great thing about the scan is that you can tackle it point by point and do it at your own pace. 

 The report of the scan remains available online for a year.'

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

John |  van Bennekom Makelaardij

'The Total Company Scan has given me new insights into how I can do business even more efficiently and therefore grow my real estate agency. The scan is quick to make and immediately afterwards I received a clear and comprehensive report with points of attention and areas for improvement'

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

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