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Scan voor ondernemers

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Professional tool for entrepreneurs

The Total Company Scan is a professional tool that connects to the daily questions that entrepreneurs have. 

The Total Company Scan makes you think. It makes you creative; it is the ideal sparring partner and you gain insights to take the next step in your business. The Total Company Scan holds up a mirror to you, without judgment from others; all this when you are ready. The report helps you to organize and shape your thoughts and then take actions. Essentially you are your own consultant; you are going to spar with yourself. And this process provides structure and ultimately more turnover and return.

Concise, immediately applicable and workable. And all in a safe environment. The Total Company Scan is  independent ; all website links, tips and points for improvement have been chosen with a non-commercial purpose. Through the interaction between science and practice, the Total Company Scan offers a credible and accessible platform for entrepreneurs looking for new insights and results.  


Every entrepreneur can make several improvements with the actions that are proposed with the Total Company Scan.


After completing the questionnaire, you will receive a research report. A management book, as it were; but then a management book/reference work specifically aimed at you and your organization.  The research report can be consulted at any time. With the voucher code sent you can view or print the research report digitally for a year.

The Online business scan based on science and practice. Safe and independent.

The 8 main categories and 43 variables

Organization and collaboration

+ 9 variables

Skills and/or your personal situation

+ 7 variables

The hard question

+ 3 variables

Work environment and work culture

+ 4 variables

Market insight and communication

+ 6 variables

Position in the market

+ 4 variables

Reflection and brainstorming how to innovate

+ 5 variables

Accountant / Financial acumen

+ 5 variables

Get insight & focus

We analyze the core areas of your business: finance, marketing, innovation, strategy, entrepreneur and the organization as a whole. We are able to identify potential hazards and bottlenecks. 







Total Company Scan including 182 validated and inspiring questions, an extensive research report plus a report with the summery and a clear graphic overview; everything directly ready to download

145 euro excl. VAT

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